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ABOUT BangkokFlower

Founded in 1982 by a couple that wanted to make a statement in flowers, G.G.D. Trading (Thailand), made Bangkok, Thailand its home. The fledgling company set up a flower shop in Kowloon, Hong Kong, in 1983 when the market demand in the region rose dramatically. Six years later, G.G.D. Trading entered the additive fertilizer market and a factory was set up in Guang Dong, P.R. China under the name "BaBaAn".

Year 2001 ushered in greater progress with the inauguration of Kunming Flower Packing House, Kunming, China. This helped meet the increase in demand from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other Asian countries. In 2008, the product line was also expanded to include post-harvest products from Floral Life.

Today the customer base has grown in numbers and loyalty. As a result, G.G.D. Trading has become a leading force in the business. The company promises to uphold high standards in quality and service in the future even as it expands and prospers in step with its customers.

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